Thursday, January 5, 2012

Proud as a peacock...

Lauren had preschool yesterday.

She likes jam sandwiches before she goes. They're very gourmet, I know...

So I made Krew a sandwich too, which he finished, then ran downstairs to hurry and do Lauren's hair while he watched a cartoon.

About five minutes later, he shows up with this mess of bread with a giant glob of grape jelly in the middle, all folded into a giant jelly envelope.

My 2-year-old made my 5-year-old a sandwich.

Adorable, really.

He hands it to Lauren and then marches back down the hall, swinging one little arm and feeling like he was a pretty big boy.

Lauren says:

"Mom, I am not eating that."

I told her I would, but to tell him thank you and give him a great big hug.

I didn't eat it either. But I did take a picture because it was one of those moments that was so dear! I don't want to ever forget...


vvjenks said...

After that little picture and story I may have eaten the sandwich. Tender moments to never be forgotten.

angie said...