Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teeny Tiny update. Just a little one.

So the family came back again on Tuesday. Four times. So I'm thinking, seriously- what is going on?!? So I call their real estate agent and ask her to level with me. She calls me back the next day and says they have decided not to buy AT ALL and that "they're going to rent for awhile and then buy your house next year." Do they seriously think that we'll still be on the market in A YEAR!?! I feel like they wasted my entire week (at least 2 hours prep plus 2 hours for showing = my day is shot times four) and I am totally disappointed. What a bummer...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Could you just write us a check already?!?

So, the family came back again today. Third tour. This time with her dad. He was seduced by the roomy shop with its industrial heater and the shop door big enough for his dump trucks and semi-trailers (he owns a trucking company). I have to say, my hopes are getting higher. I'll let you know when we know.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tulle and Smores

Last weekend was Jocelyn's dance recital. This picture sums it up. She is ALL about focus. Strength under pressure.
She really did enjoy dance lessons and it makes me smile thinking about how hard she tries. She still hasn't mastered the one footed hop. She told me that she knows all the other dancers can do it and she can't. That tugs at my heart strings a little, but she is so cute that I think she is one of the best. (She is also one of the youngest, so that's got to count for something.) She did pretty well at remembering the steps during dress rehearsal.

Too bad it didn't last for the real performance. She is second from the left, second row. There was another number but I'll spare you. $350 well spent. Sorry the video is grainy and wobbly. I am totally to blame for that little gem. And yes, that's Michael in the background.

On Saturday night, we took the kids out for a "campfire" minus the camping.
They thought it was the best thing ever. Gage ate about 12 marshmallows.

Daddy showing them how a master does it.

Dinner was preceded by a nature walk...

and jousting.

We also found a big dead pelican. Sorry I didn't get a picture. Next time.
We showed our house again today. Twice. Same people. That's usually a good sign, but we'll see. This can't last much longer, right? I mean, I know we've got a pretty limited number of serious buyers, but living like someone could call anytime to stop by and look in your cupboards, fridge and closets is not fun. I'm hoping that we'll be able to get this house sold, closed and move into another place before the baby is born. We have about 90 days.
I've always been a big dreamer.
Cross your fingers for us.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


One of the things about blogging as opposed to scrapbooking, is that everyone knows when you've fallen behind...
So anyway, Easter was much anticipated again this year, mostly by me. I always think it marks the beginning of spring, but here that is much too presumptive. It didn't snow this year on the actual day of Easter, which I'm counting as a victory. However, it has snowed twice in the last week. Boo.
This is a hurried picture of the kids on Easter morning before Church. Tony was the photographer because I was still doing my hair. I had a cute Easter banner on the mirror behind them, and I told him to take a picture on the sofa in front of it, and that's exactly what he did. Men.
The Hunt
Jossy a hunting;

Lauren was sneaking and stealing;
Gage was not completely satisfied with his full bucket of eggs.

Things are still progressing with baby 4- I get fatter every day. I'm to the point now where I've started counting down instead of counting up- this usually happens for me after the half-way point. It seems like it's going too fast, like I'm not ready, and I'm nervous about going through labor again. My labors are always at least 12 hours long and slow to progress. Misery. However, I always have time for the epidurral! ;) I get super jealous of women who can walk around for two weeks at a 3 and are almost halfway there! Maybe this time I'll get lucky...
X-Men- I made Tony take me to see the new installment. Love the series. Liked this one. Loved Hugh Jackman. A little gory, but it had enough humor that I think even Tony enjoyed it. (He is anti-fantasy anything. I had to beg him to go.) We hurried into a matinee showing with Dave and Ashley- thanks guys- and it was super nice to sneak a two hour break from reality.
We also showed our house again a few days ago. I really had my hopes up because they were here so long, but they are going to pass. The family has 10 children, and the house only has 6 bedrooms. They would have had to double or triple up every bedroom. Bummer. Maybe next time.