Friday, December 28, 2012

Where is my time... I can't find it!!!

Just because he's so cute... and posts with pictures are more fun! 

Things have been busy up in here y'all:
I got this new church calling that is... stretching my comfort zones. 
Christmas.  Oh how I love you... and love to see you go.  I did.  I said it.  There.
Oh yeah,  and then there was Thanksgiving...
Coaching basketball.  That's what you get 'round here for volunteering to bring treats.  We are serving a public disservice to the next generation of ballers.
Honestly, when I sit here and try to think what we're doing with our days, I can't really say articulately what I do with all my minutes.  Obviously, I am not blogging.

I'll write more soon-ish!  I promise???

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sneaky peaky...

We did our annual family photo shoot.  Tony loves it more and more every year.

This is one of my faves... She looks so grown up I could weep into her baby blankets smile!  I will post more later, but I can't ruin the surprise of the Christmas cards, which I know you have all been anticipating more than the arrival of Santa himself!

Oh, and P.S. Thank heavens for photoshop!  That's all I'm sayin'.

Monday, October 1, 2012

We made it!

So we're all moved up here to Washington!  It was a pretty intense few days... moving is such a hassle!  I start out doing good, being all organized and efficient, and by the end there are ALWAYS 4 boxes labeled "Junk." 
Or other 4 letter words.

Top 5 most peculiar things I've seen since we've been here, in no particular order:

A 75 year old man with a Santa-esque figure leaving the tractor store.  In overalls.  On a bullet bike.  Yowzers.

Downtown business:  "Arreola's; Wheels and tires!"  I blushed.  And giggled.  Because I'm five like that.

The GIANT stack of paper work my kids brought home from school for me to fill out.  Then how half of all the papers were in Spanish.  So I only did the English half!  Hope that was okay...

The light fixtures in the house we're renting.  Imagine Top Ramen noodles spray painted gold.
The pick-up lane at the elementary school at about 3:00; more rhinestones than an 80's prom, y'all!  I am officially the least sparkly mom here.  Dang.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go Mariners!!

Sometimes life sneaks up on you so fast, your head will literally spin off! 
We are moving. 
In 2 days. 
To Washington.
The fact that 96% of our things are boxed up neatly(ish) in storage suddenly sucks way less!

Also, someone hijacked my email.  And Microsoft won't let me back in because I cannot prove that I am not a robot.  (Should I be concerned?  Probably.)
I got with this new one because apparently Hotmail is not longer hip.  Who knew?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

There's seriously one of these every week...

Lauren:  "Mom!  Did you know that this show is really getting on my worms!!"

Said after watching the same cartoon in the car for about a week, because I kept forgetting to get a new one.  Gotta watch out for the worms!! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hot summer.  Lots of boating with my parents.  With some seriously sweaty life vests...

Lauren: "I can't wait to take this dam life vest off!"

Me: "Did you just say dum?"

Lauren: "No mom. Dam.  Like a beaver dam!"

Me: "Uhhhh.  Well....."

Monday, June 25, 2012


This is what Tony got for Father's Day...
I mean just the picture. 
We've been collecting the kids for a few years now...
Hope you are all enjoying your fab summer!  We are busy little bees!