Thursday, March 19, 2009

Graceling gets 7 out of 10

I read this book yesterday- I had heard it had made quite a splash in the literary world of Young Adult fiction- and I have to say, it was pretty good. I mean, don't get me wrong, this is not the magnificent prose of Stephenie Meyer, but it wasn't a bad way to spend the afternoon. The first 60 percent of the book is very good, but near the end the momentum is lost and I found myself consciously turning pages, pressing myself to finish. It was also fairly violent, and the villian is a little disturbed. If you're going to be traveling (Ashley) and need something to entertain your brain, this one's not too bad. Borrow it, don't buy it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sooo Sad....

We have some sad news. Jossy's fishy, Angel, died today. She was pretty sad. She decided Angel probably got fishy gum stuck in her throat. Tragic.
On a sweeter note, after Gage figured out how sad she was he offered her his fish. Finn has been renamed Rainbowfin, and I let Gage have my fish. It has been renamed Swimmer.
If the rest live through the end of the week, it will be a miracle. Lauren keeps stuffing her little chubby hand in there and trying to pet them. Maybe we should've gotten something sturdier- like a tortoise. Or a rock.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yay! I found it!

Maybe my camera is old school or something, but the cord that hooks it to the computer is also the charging station, and it has been missing. That's why the last few posts have no pictures... But now it's back and here's the last six weeks of our life in an essay of photos.

Jossy's first day of preschool; she was a little excited:Tony and Brandon tearing it up in Ririe league basketball. This gym is so tiny and old and a little unsafe, but the kids love to go. (Tony is the shorter one, if there was any question.) They were in the playoffs, but it didn't last super long. Tony asked why I didn't put on some action footage. The answer to that is um, well, there wasn't a whole lot of action. It's mostly guys with mullets and perms shanking it off the backboard. The occassional pulled muscle and flared temper. Oh, Idaho...We got our first pets!! And it's something that won't pee on the couch! I didn't know the kids would be so into this- they watch them all the time and fight over who gets to give them their "toast"- Five little fishies- one for each of us. Gage named his Finn. It's the one that is all orange. Jossy's is the all white one, it's named Angel. Lauren's is one of the spotted ones and it's name is Shish Shish. Gage helped me and Tony name ours: Spot and Mucker. (I can only imagine where he gets it.) On a funny and sadistic side note- the checkout girl at Walmart reminded me that anything bought in their pet department is guaranteed not to die the first three days. Otherwise, I get my 28 cents back. Does consolation for a crying child come with that?
A few weekends ago, Tony took Gage on a special Daddy-Son trip. Tony had tickets to the Jazz game and they were going to spend the night with Dave and Shannon. Gage was way more excited to see Luke and Noah than go to the game, but I think that's normal. Anyway, the game didn't start until 8:30, we had thought it started at 7, so Gage ended up staying with the cousins and Tony went to the game with his high school buddy Neil. A huge thank you goes out to Shannon, who I know did all the work, while Tony gets the credit. Gage had the best time and didn't stop talking about it for days, and I got to do some really fun and special stuff with my girls.

And this picture is totally random. I forgot I had these in our cold storage downstairs. Apparently this is what happens when you leave potatoes in a dark, dry place.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

15/40 = 3/8 = Almost half way!

What?!? Two new posts from me in less that a week? I know, I know- I should get excited about things that are actually exciting...

So we are officially starting Week 16! I am feeling loads better (finally) and the further along we get the more excited I am. I have never been sick like that before, and I seriously did not get off my couch for about 14 weeks. I was a little suspicious it might be twins, but our first ultrasound only found one- thank heavens.
I was feeling a little overwhelmed about having another baby- but now that I feel like a person again, I have also regained some perspective. I mean, yes there will be almost a three year break between Lauren and the newbie, but Gage will be 5. Four kids 5 and under. If I were not me, I would totally think "someone give that woman some drugs and please let one of them be birthcontrol!" But the time was right; we both felt like it was time and neither of us could deny it. Broke or not, moving or not, nanny or not ;)
So, I would post a picture, but honestly I just look chunky. My belly isn't big enough to justify maternity clothes, but I'm down to about three pairs of pants that fit, and sweats. Anything that squishes my middle makes me nauseous, and NOTHING looks flattering.
This baby is going to be our surprise. We will find out if we're having a boy or girl when s/he shows up in the hospital. I figure I just need some new onesies and some diapers. I also am out of bottles. I am also noticing that I have run out of names for girls. I have a few boy names that I like, but since Tony, Gage and Jossy have openly said that they would like a boy, it will likely be another girl. Any suggestions? I would like the middle name to be a family name, but I have no system for choosing first names. I do not like made up names, or ones that are spelled strange, like they have a silent 5 or something. I also prefer names that are traditionally feminine. I am not the type to name my son Ashley, or my daughter Ryan. Tony is completely unpredictable about what he may or may not like. He has ultimate veto power- if he doesn't like it, it isn't happening. It is what it is...

I would like suggestions... It will take me the rest of the pregnancy to decide on the finalists and I won't pick one until I meet him or her. Let me know what you think...