Thursday, October 27, 2011

100 day countdown!

Our little mister has less than 100 days left of cookin'! I'm getting more and more anxious to meet him...
In my head he looks just like Krew. My last appointment they did a few more pictures for me in the fancy 3D, and he was covering his eyes in one of the pictures. The bottom half of his face, cheeks, lips, chin could have been a photograph of Krew.
I guess we'll just see if he's a blondie/bluey or a brownie/brownie! Cuz we got two of each! It would be fun to have a blonde, brown-eyed baby or a blue-eyed brunette baby too! Or green eyes... Our genes could really give us any combo... We could even have one with black hair (My dad has black hair).

Another thing that's sortof all over the place is our name choosin'. We keep going the rounds and never really agreeing on anything.
Tony has a great-great-great-great-ish grandfather name William Wallace. (Not "the" William Wallace, but obviously named after him.) He thought that would be a lovely name. I told him it was fine if he'd perform the blessing in a kilt and use a fake Scottish accent. He's considering it.
We like Bode, but there's already a Beau in the fam. I think it might be too confusing since we've already got 2 Ashleys, 2 Marks, 2 Davids, and 2 Jacksons to try to keep straight.
Jocelyn suggested Tommy. I kinda like it. Alot.
Gage suggested Jaron, which is also very nice. Unexpectedly tasteful from Gage.
I like Dylan. Tony asked if I was stuck in the 90's? I told him yes.
I also like Hayden. But we have a Kaden!
I saw the name Boone on a photography blog. Kinda love it! Love how it sounds with Gage and Krew.
Lauren suggested Tootie. Which is our family's word for flatulence. Classic.

You'd think by this point in the game, we'd have it narrowed down! I mean, we have done this before...

Back when I thought this baby might be a girl, we had only few names we both considered: Leah, Aven, Bridgit, Alexa or Avery. (Well, I like Bridgit. Tony thinks it sounds like the name for a little fluffy dog.)

So I guess we'll have to just wait and see! Only about 100 more days...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

For him, this is like a totally huge deal. Me... not so much.

I guess it's just not quite as exciting for the ladies.

The best part of the day: Deer season for me is done! (Too bad for all you deer widows out there with an open tag.)

He has been looking for this EXACT buck several different evenings and again many Saturday mornings.

This morning he went up with my dad. Apparently he was the lucky charm!

Pictures of the cape Tony packed out. They were able to drag the carcass to a 4-wheeler and carry it out. I brought the truck up onto the range and we all came down together. After snapping a few little moments of the happy (and exhausted) hunters:

This was an OLD buck. Very gray and mature. Rare to find a truly wild buck this size/age.

(This is what I overheard the men saying. Didn't that just sound so smart?)

I love to see them so excited and truly giddy about something!

Way to go guys!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Spoiler ALERT...

See that little gem up there? That is probably one of about 5 pregnancy pictures I have ever had taken. Ever.

Not my most attractive stage.

And just so you know, this little gem will probably be making an appearance on our Christmas cards. Sorry to ruin the surprise. I know you were all really excited.

My dad took it for me with my little point and click. Photoshop is so handy! It's a composite of about 4 different images. Lauren and Krew looking at the camera in the same picture is IMPOSSIBLE!! I was actually considering not even having Krew in the picture he was such a wiggler!!

Still, didn't Markus do a pretty darn good job for a 55-ish year old man? High fives to you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jack and Joss-o-lanterns!

Tony was hunting all weekend and having the time of his life.

We were at home, wishing he was with us. Sniff. Church by myself is less fun. Ya know?

He tried to make up for it by helping the kids carve their pumpkins. We started right after school, and the sun was out and the air was crisp. It was the perfect autumn day.

The kids drew on their designs and Tony was the official knife-weilder.

What did I get to do?

Scrape the guts!

Luckily, I have been completely desensitized to yuckiness after nearly 8 years (so far!) of diapers.

Krew was sitting there with us, watching me with my arsenal of spoons and scoops, Tony with his knives, and he runs in the house. He comes back out... with a wisk.

Which he used to smack the cat.

The finished art:

A choo-choo train

Ash the Pokemon trainer

and two girly girls! With bows!

(P.S. The cat is fine, and I washed the wisk.)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now, I am not a professional. But...

I cut Lauren's hair myself.

I was nervous that she was going to end up with a flat-top (me, circa 1983.)

She's constantly putting her hair in her mouth and chewing on it, so I thought if I made it harder for her to do that, maybe she would stop.

This is her at 8:30 in the morning, browsing a toy catalogue, choosing the 200+ items she would like from Santa:
I love this hair cut for her. Too bad she still chews her hair.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let's just go ahead and cook him a little longer...

This month at my monthly check-up the doctor surprised me with a 3D sneak preview!

(Have I ever mentioned how much I love this? Oh, I have? Sorry.)

There were some skinny little arms and legs, a beautiful top lip, and it looks like he's still a boy! ; ) I think this little guy needs to take his chunkies a little more seriously. Good thing he has a few more months to get squishier!

(And what is that weird thing that looks like it's pinching his nose? This is some bizarre, wonderful, miraculous technology!)