Saturday, October 22, 2011

For him, this is like a totally huge deal. Me... not so much.

I guess it's just not quite as exciting for the ladies.

The best part of the day: Deer season for me is done! (Too bad for all you deer widows out there with an open tag.)

He has been looking for this EXACT buck several different evenings and again many Saturday mornings.

This morning he went up with my dad. Apparently he was the lucky charm!

Pictures of the cape Tony packed out. They were able to drag the carcass to a 4-wheeler and carry it out. I brought the truck up onto the range and we all came down together. After snapping a few little moments of the happy (and exhausted) hunters:

This was an OLD buck. Very gray and mature. Rare to find a truly wild buck this size/age.

(This is what I overheard the men saying. Didn't that just sound so smart?)

I love to see them so excited and truly giddy about something!

Way to go guys!


The Mollotte Family said...

I don't think I have ever seen another picture of Tony with that big of a smmile on his face!! That is one large deer!

Kara said...

eeeeeeeew, gross! But, glad Tony is happy!

allyson said...

I know where I'm headed when the crap hits the fan! What a mountain man!