Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Starting 2008

Why yes, I am amazingly tech-savvy. One of the easiest ways for me to keep in touch is through the instantaneous wonder of the internet. I hope some of these posted pictures and updates will keep us all better acquainted, ecspecially with a Grandma and a Grandpa leaving on a mission soon!

Gage and Jocelyn just started preschool today at BYUI. In our rush, I didn't take any pictures, but I'll get some! Getting up and dressed and in the car for an 8:00 class was hard on everyone (mostly me) but having it be -22 outside made it even harder. Lauren and I ran all our errands while the big kids were in class, but we did make it back to watch both kids in their separate classrooms. Gage is an old preschool pro, and was content to have the teacher read to him. He also loves the tiny potties- they're just his size and the sink is small too! Jocelyn was so excited to go to school- she was dancing up a storm with some other little girls in her class and I couldn't but help but laugh. Plus, she always runs to the door and gives me the biggest hug when I come to get her. I love that and I will miss it so much when she gets too big.

The house is coming along, but slowly. Everything stops or slows here in the winter- I don't blame any of the workers, it's way too cold. The picture I'm posting is from November. Sorry. We're still hoping to be in sometime in April. Parade of Homes is in June and I'm going to need a little flexibility as far as decorating and landscaping- hopefully that will give us enough time.

Gymnastics class for the kids start this week too, I'll be sure to get some pictures of that because I'm sure it's gonna be great! Lots of Love!