Saturday, May 15, 2010

And we are still alive...

I feel like such a slacker. I am all excited to go private so I can lay on all the heavy details, and yet I have not posted once since then. Boo to me. We have been super busy, though. And one point I have not made earlier is that we have no internet here at the house. It is misery. Think of how many times a day you think, oh, I'll just hop online and google that... Weep. And here's something else that keeps me busy... The Krewzer. Wrecking Krew. Frooey. (Lauren's nickname for him.) He is little Mr. busy. Cheerful and happy, though. Not a napper and is into everything. Up the stairs and then down then very quickly and usually on his head. He is 8 months old and very nearly walking on his own. Little stinker. The girls had their dance recital. Which was adorable. I cried a little. These were the little costumes that we were able to patch together. A little background info; the dance studio burned down with half the students' costumes inside because they had pictures the day before. We did the best we could, and to be completely honest, and slightly cruel, I wasn't that sad to see the costumes get burned up because I kinda thought they were ugly. They were flourescent green and orange. Ew.

Tony asked Gage what he wanted to do this summer. Gage says "build a fort." I'm thinking, sweet, we have an old tarp we can tie to some rope. Maybe just throw it over a dead branch. But oh no. Tony says go big or go home. This is our "fort." There's a cantilevered balcony off the back where we're going to attach a slide. I would love to integrate some swings and just make it into the jungle gym too. Maybe we'll add a half bath and a steam shower.
Maybe it's good that it's so big. Then we can live in it after we move.
We still haven't sold our house. We reduced the price a TON and have only got one person through since then, and they didn't bite. It's so frustrating. I didn't want to have to do the rental thing, but if we don't sell we're going to have to do it. It's so exasperating. I want someone to blame so I blame the government. I'm only half kidding.
Maybe we'd have more luck trying to sell the fort.
Good books I've read since I posted last...
Percy Jackson series. Not too bad. I'd give them a 7.5 of 10. Very Hercules meets Harry.
The guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. Endearing. I liked it. 8.
The tomorrow code. Pretty good, but I think it should have been a book for adults, not YA. 6.5.
The Undaunted. 900 pages anyone? This should have been two books and they should have let me edit it. Still, Inspiring story. 8.
Georgia Nicolson series. I can't get a few of the books yet, but what I've read so far is hilarious. Don't expect to be intellectually stimulated. Just expect to laugh. Like when you were shallow and in high school. Me likey. Because I am shallow.
I think that's it...
Oh wait. What am I thinking.
These is my words. Written like a journal. I liked it. Made me feel like a pampered weenie. 8.
Gregor the Overlander series. Written by the same author as Hunger Games. I like Hunger Games better, but this was still a good series. 7.5
Witch and Wizard by James patterson. Skip. 5.
Lake house. Also by James patterson. I'm actually surprised this guy sells so many books. 6. And that I keep reading them even though he's not my fave.
The Dangerous days of Daniel X. 6.5.
Good grief, I am a dork. Let me explain my dorkiness.
Tony has been working in Utah since October. I see him on some Saturdays. I read at night instead of watching TV because it's usually crap. Except for golden programming like DWTS and Batchelor. So I read a lot.
It's been really hard with him gone. I miss him and often I am afraid at night. He has missed most of Krew's infancy, which is tragic. When he gets here after a long work week and then the long drive, he's so exhausted he only wants to sleep, and I want him to help me, so we fight and it's sad. We have to make some changes before I lose my mind. We plan on moving to UT this summer so we can be together. House sold or not. So cross your fingers for us!!