Friday, December 28, 2012

Where is my time... I can't find it!!!

Just because he's so cute... and posts with pictures are more fun! 

Things have been busy up in here y'all:
I got this new church calling that is... stretching my comfort zones. 
Christmas.  Oh how I love you... and love to see you go.  I did.  I said it.  There.
Oh yeah,  and then there was Thanksgiving...
Coaching basketball.  That's what you get 'round here for volunteering to bring treats.  We are serving a public disservice to the next generation of ballers.
Honestly, when I sit here and try to think what we're doing with our days, I can't really say articulately what I do with all my minutes.  Obviously, I am not blogging.

I'll write more soon-ish!  I promise???