Saturday, January 23, 2010

Completely outmanned...

I think it's funny that I thought I could handle 4 kids. It seems like I run around like a crazy person, and still someone is crying or angry because their needs, or wants, are not being immediately satisfied. Let me just say as a side note that I consider my wooden spoon to be a very valuable parenting tool. : )
Christmas was a huge hit, as it was I'm sure, for most children. Gage got a Nintendo DS, and this is not unusual for me to find everyone watching him play, but no one else actually getting to play.
When we left for Washington, we told all the kids that they could choose one toy to take. Lauren got this new horse, which she decided was more essential than her big sister. Sorry Joss.
And this is the last picture I took with my old camera. Tony sat on mine and it broke. But not to worry, since Santa (Mom) got me a new one. My dad went wakeboarding for the first time. He's in his 50s, so I have to give him props for even trying. It didn't turn out so hot. I'm completely surprised he can still walk. I better get him some Osteo Bi-flex. Regis uses it.

And this is the little Krewzer rolling over. He started doing this last month (3 months old). He weight 18 pounds at his 4 month well check, and is already starting to get on his hands and knees and get the vibe of crawling. I need him to slow down, because I can't handle the crawling baby stage just yet.