Monday, January 31, 2011

At the Pharm...

We have had the sickies at our house. I honestly almost have a six pack from coughing so hard. Too bad it's covered by a couple inches of baby leftovers! Maybe it will inspire me to excercise a few of my other muscles...
Krew and Jossy have been feeling so yucky I took them to the doctor today. Lauren had to come with us, (she's feeling just as healthy and spunky as always) and we had another one of those cringe-worthy moments:

So we're waiting at the pharmacy for our prescriptions, and a heavy lady walks by with crutches. I'm a little unsure of what happens next because I ran to keep Krew from shoplifting pregnancy tests and multi-vitamins,

but it ends with me getting a dirty look from crutch-lady...

and Lauren telling me "I didn't say FAT."
Me: "Oh? Good."
Her: "I only said FAT BUTT."


Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Shmishmus...

I know that if I have any hope of recording Christmas 2010 for scrapbooking purposes, I need to do an actual post. But the thought of finding all the camera stuff right now makes me feel exhausted. So I might get to it... I might not...

But Happy New Years!
This year I plan to...

Teach Lauren the alphabet (because she's old enough to start kindergarten this year, and I'm still undecided if she's actually going to go because she's stubborn as a dead mule and refuses to learn.)

Lose ALL my baby weight. (Yes. Krew IS almost 18 months old. But I'm saying I've still got some chunkiness from when I was a baby!)

Move out of my parents' basement. (This one is kind of huge. I should've put it first. Having your mother tell you how to do your hair while you're doing your daughters' hair will kill your soul.)

I kinda like to start with low expectations. Then we're all less likely to be disappointed... Yes? Agreed? Hopefully I'll be able to do a few other things I have in mind too, but if I talk about it then I have to do it... so shrouded in silence they will stay. Just in case it turns out I have to drive carpool or blog or something.

Welcome 2011!