Saturday, February 20, 2010

First fight...

It was baked salmon with lemon pepper, for those curious few. He wouldn't even try it. I said he wouldn't eat fish because his dad didn't like fish and that was his only reason. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that's what it was, but after 9 years of marriage, he has still to my knowledge has not eaten fish. Stubborn.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My early Valentine for my sweet husband.

It's been almost 9 years. Sunday is the big day. I can't believe it has been so long and that we are still putting up with each other. The fact that we are relatively happy is just amazing.
It seems like just yesterday we were still dating- spending every spare moment we had with each other. Sneaking in lunch dates and late night walks. I couldn't get enough. I like to think that he was equally smitten.
I remember our wedding day: my mom was a nervous wreck. We were almost late getting to the temple. (What!?! Me late?) I remember I didn't love my dress, but it was a little late to do anything about it. ; ) I remember the soft floaty snow that fell. I remember smiling the whole day, and falling to sleep with tired cheeks. I remember Tony looking so young and strong and handsome.
After the reception, we took a carriage ride from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to the hotel. It was breezy. Cool, but not cold. It was the first time we were alone together as a married couple. We just kept giggling and saying how wonderful the day had been. I couldn't believe I'd actually married him. And that he'd wanted to marry me.
I remember our first fight. (It was over something I had made for dinner that he refused to eat. I'm still a little irritated.)
I remember our first anniversary, when he bought me gifts far more generous than what our meager income could justify.
I remember our first house together. I remember all our houses together.
I remember him looking at our first baby, then at me. He was completely lost. We both were. I remember him getting so frustrated with the car seat he accidentally broke it. I remember driving home at 15 miles per hour. I can't believe they let us take him home unsupervised. Or that we have been sent three more.
I remember the day Jocelyn had her surgery. Five years ago on the tenth. I remember he was sick and they wouldn't let him come to the hospital. I remember the doctors taking her and me crying alone in the hallway.
I remember the days when I thought we would be in love like newlyweds forever, and the days when I thought it had all been a mistake. But there is no denying it, he was meant to be mine and I his. And I love him and the incredible little family that we have built together. Being married to him has changed my soul, not just my life. But what a wonderful life it has been.
So to my sweet husband, who is surely embarrassed, I love you. Happy Anniversary.