Sunday, April 27, 2008

House to blame for us being so lame...

If I never touch another paint brush again, it will still be too soon.

Lucky for me, I still have 5 more rooms before I start doing touch-up. I am trying to be optimistic. I no longer have to carry the paint chips, I can just select some of my hair that I crusted with paint and can't wash out. I look like Rainbow Bright.

Sorry we have been so lame lately. All we ever do is work on that house. I swear it will never be finished and we will be homeless or living with whichever relative can stand our kids for an entire day. Tony and I are both so exhausted. Optimistically speaking however, we are both losing weight.

Plus, I SUCK at doing tile and I worked on the kitchen floor by myself tonight. When Tony sees it tomorrow he's gonna be... thrilled? Maybe he won't notice the two inch wide grout line and the one with the chipped corner.

Never mind. I'm toast. Please note that it is almost midnight and I'm looney and I have to go enjoy my last night of sleep before being sold to a sweat shop for bad tiling.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A day in the life...

I would love to say that we have had exciting lives this week, but that would be a complete fabrication. Gage and Jossy did, however, dump an entire bag of cereal out in my bed. Nothing like washing your sheets twice in one day!
I thought Lauren ran away to the circus, but I found her in our closet under me and Tony's shirts, jammyless, with her blankie sleeping.
The house as of today- we still gotta do the shop stone and finish the brick and the chimneys. And by "we" I mean Ryan the mason.
Still, we're getting closer!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dave and Ashley!

Two of my favorite people in the world!
Ten reason I love Ashley:
1- We can be goofy and silly and she passes no judgement, because she is also goofy and silly.
2- She is one hot mama!
3- She has good style. (Even with my personal style challenge, I can appreciate hers)
4- She is a good mom to Kinsey.
5- She introduced me to Twilight books. And her picky eating is endearing.
6- She puts up with all of us, even when it's less than a picnic.
7- She is smart.
8- She has helped continue the Rees line of strong chins.
9- She can razz Markus and no one gets their feelings hurt.
10- She balances Dave perfectly and keeps his OCD and compulsive list-making in check.

Ten reasons I love Dave:
1- He bears the mantle of perfect child so that I don't have to. ;)
2- He looks just like our Dad.
3- Smarty pants. (Genuisy pants doesn't sound right.)
4- A million goofy memories of our childhood.
5- He works really hard at school and his job. Don't worry, he can do it all!
6- He runs like a gazelle. A gazelle being chased by a airplane.
7- He is not afraid to try something new! Like when I cook...
8- He adores his little girl.
9- Who doesn't love a male nurse?
10- He is hands down my all time favorite brother!
I love you guys! May you have many more adventurous and blissful years together!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Update on the house

This is the one nice day we had last month. This pic was taken March 15, so the house has come along further since then. Tony and I started painting last week. Not that it's super fun, but I'm happy to do it. November 2007
December 15, 2007