Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A day in the life...

I would love to say that we have had exciting lives this week, but that would be a complete fabrication. Gage and Jossy did, however, dump an entire bag of cereal out in my bed. Nothing like washing your sheets twice in one day!
I thought Lauren ran away to the circus, but I found her in our closet under me and Tony's shirts, jammyless, with her blankie sleeping.
The house as of today- we still gotta do the shop stone and finish the brick and the chimneys. And by "we" I mean Ryan the mason.
Still, we're getting closer!


Clyde Family said...

Nice house. When we are in Idaho we will have to come and see it. I am so glad that i am not the only mom that has to wash her sheets more than once a day..

Em and Brad said...

Haha...Allison, you totally crack me up. I'll bet you're such a fun mom!
Cereal in the bed....WOW. So much for me to look forward to when I have my baby! I also loved the picture of Lauren asleep in your closet. That's classic.
That's a sweet, sweet home you two are building! NICE! Congrats.

ashley said...

I think Lauren needs a cage...good luck with her climbing out of her crib. Yes, I am writing this at midnight...GO TO SLEEP...I tell myself, but yet, here I am.

Aaron & Amber Yount said...

Sounds like your days are about as exciting as mine!

I love seeing the progress on your house. I actually drive by it about once a's gorgeous! I find myself driving around Saddle Creek just dreaming about building a house of our own...then I wake up! Let me know when I can check out the inside! I'm dying to see what's inside that front door!