Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please adopt...

Whatever, everybody gets rid of their cats this way:

They are ready NOW. If you know of anybody like your sister, or your grandma, or a neighbor, the principal at your school, your mailman, a cat lady who just can't say no, ANYONE who might need a kitten or six, just let me know. Kay? Thanks a mill!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My new countdown...

My goodness, yes, it is there on purpose! Check out my new little ticker on that little sidey-bar there! I'd post a pic but I just still look kinda regular. Just a little thick-waisted is all.

My apologies to anyone who feels out of the loop. We just started telling people this week. I was still trying to wrap my own head around the idea of 5 kids with the oldest one BARELY being 8.

Pretty much loving my new OB. He does an ultrasound every visit, even though I'm not high risk or having multiples. It's just their policy. Bless them for their policy.

He says he thinks it's a boy, but I thought it all just looked like toes. I am unconvinced. But luckily, we get to see again next month, so it's no biggy! (Tony, of course, is sure and always has been sure that it is a boy.)

February 3rd, you just got a great big red circle around you on my calendar!

Yay and Yikes simultaneously!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to the 'Burg...

A little bit ago, we had an unexpected little run back to Rexburg. Tony had some work and a family reunion with some second-cousins (which we only really sneaked in for some grub). It was such a nice little weekend. We got to see some old friends and neighbors and Grandma and Grandpa Jenks. It was lovely. A few friends were out of THE COUNTRY. Byrams-to-not-single-anyone-out. Sheesh, the nerve!
Tony let me pick where we ate- two bowls of Creamy sausage pasta at Craigo's YUM- and he let me go wander around the craft store that I miss so much.
I bought paper.
And since I've had over a year to think about it, I made you a little list.

Where Idaho rocks the house:
Better fabric and craft stores, especially Home Fabrics.
Better parks
Better library
I preferred the tiny, neighborhood elementary schools.
I miss my friends and neighbors, and miss living on a street where my kids had friends. I still miss my house.
Better DownEast Home store
Better local grocery store
And I have to say I loved the big, active LDS population in Rexburg.
You don't feel like cooking? Fast food? Take your pick. It's a college town for crying out loud!
Cheap movies theater.
Fewer rattlesnakes. And maybe just fewer snakes.

Where Utah takes the cake:
It's prettier here. By FAR.
Taxes are seriously 1/7th of Madison County's. (Which is why they have better parks and libraries.)
I get to be by family and old friends.
Better hospitals. And seeing a specialist doesn't mean leaving the state!
Bigger selection of shopping within an hour's drive. For pretty much anything you could want.
Tai Pan Trading. My personal treat.
These guys KNOW how to do snow-removal.
The mountains buffer the sunrise and sunset. On that wide, flat plain the sun was up earlier and down later. Summer= LONG DAYS!
I get to see Tony every day.
Milder winters and LESS wind- I didn't say no wind. But less.
Not so many hobo spiders.
Immediate access to mountains and range ground. It's like therapy sometimes.
Better ball fields.
Easier to find places for swimming lessons. Since more than one person has a pool.

Honestly I could go on and on, but who else is going to change Krew's diaper?

Living both places I have been so impressed by the people I meet. We've met some wonderful folks who have enriched our lives. Such a blessing.
And someday we'll get a place of our own again and I so look forward to being able to make a home for our family.
We drove past a few of our old houses; we had such nice memories in each. We showed the kids some of our first apartments, mostly crappy ones, and they were like, "I don't remember living there." That's cuz you weren't born yet. "Oh."
It was strange for them to imagine me and Tony living a life without them. I can hardly remember it myself. Love them...
Cheers to Idaho!