Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Tis the season. . .

...for family pictures! How could a girl get so lucky? I just don't even know... My cute little man. Two photo shoots in his first 7 weeks. He's gonna be a pro. And pretty little Lauren:

And mild spice.

Oh my Jossy. Her pictures are always hard to pick, because almost every one is usable. She is such a little shutter-bug. She'll smile and strike a pose and 9 out of 10 shots will be adorable.

This one is Tony's favorite:

When did my baby boy get so big?!?

Almost done... you can see the relief on Tony's face.

Thanks to Jen for her awesome skills!! Anybody in WA who needs a good photographer, call her- she is especially good with kids.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6 whole weeks...

Krew turned 6 weeks yesterday. I feel like we just got him, and also like he's always been here... Does that make sense? He is growing so fast! I would guess he weighs about 12 pounds now- even though he looks like he has doubled his birth weight. I'll have to get some pictures up- it's just one more thing on my list. He is still not really sleeping- he was up 4 times last night. He just wants to eat. I think I'll play along for a little while longer before I implement any Nazi scheduling that makes him cry it out.

I read one of the books Stephenie Meyer recommended: The girl who could fly by Victoria Forester. I thought it was kindof dumb. I wanted to know what happened to Piper while I was reading, but at the end I realized I would have rather had my 4 hours of sleep. Maybe I'm the one who is dumb...

Lauren is still struggling with the potty. It has officially been a year of peed pants. Why is she not catching the vision? She will poop in the potty just fine... I need suggestions.