Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pack, Pack... Barf, barf... Clean, Clean... Flush, flush...

Krew got a bug on Monday. There was much yuckiness.

But he's feeling much better now. Because he gave it to me.
And we're supposed to be leaving today for Washington to see the fam for Christmas. And I'm in charge of Jocelyn's class party, sending treats for Gage's. Plus packing and loading the car (which could take me a week with my organizational skills) cleaning the house, and remembering every gift and where it is and what it's wrapped in and... having a tummy bug like this has given me another unexpected gift:
Timeable at about 6-7 minutes for the last 2 days. And they kinda hurt.
And you know how it makes me feel?
These are not baby-birthing contractions. They are just the kind that make me remember the baby-birthing contractions alot more clearly.
Since this is not my first rodeo, you'd think I'd be prepared and could deal! Right?!? But I am weak. And the realization that I am still a weenie after all these kids is, well, a big fat slice of humble pie. Sheesh.
For now, I will be treating any signs of pre-term labor with trashy magazines and junk food while I curl up in the seat next to Tony as he drives us all to Washington.
(Such a good sport, that one. Drives the whole way every time and never complains. I just have to worry about the kids and the snacks! He's a keeper.)
And hopefully, this little bug will have run it's course by the time we get there on Friday and we won't share with anyone else, because I am looking forward to the most lovely, yucky free, Christmas Day ever!
(I will be taking ziplock bags in the car, though. Just in case. For easy disposal of tummy messes, if you get my drift. I mean, I do have 3 other kids that haven't had it yet... Maybe that's why Tony offers to drive.)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Work Party...

Last night we went to Tony's work party, which is actually quite the shindig! We went to this westerny-themed place called the Timbermine, where I had never been before, but my steak was quite tasty. So was the red velvet cheesecake! Yummers.

They did however, use mannequins dressed as festive saloon girls all around as decorations. So bizarre, I should've taken a picture!

Anyway, after our scrumptious dinner they play games and give away awesome prizes! Like iPads and big LCD TVs, Kindles and Nooks, Playstations and Xboxs. Cash! Giftcards! There are over 50 employees, and everyone gets a really nice gift...

Tony wins 2 of the games. Which means he has two different opportunities to CHOOSE a prize or STEAL someone else's. TWO! CHANCES!

So what does he choose?

Out of all those goodies?

Nikon Monarch Binoculars. In Real Tree camouflage. Good grief.

He walked out of that party so pleased I thought he'd bust his buttons.

(And frankly, I was thinking he was an idiot till I googled them this morning and found out they retail for $299.99. Guess the jokes on me, right?)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For the birthday boy...

Happy 33rd to Tony!On a rare moment, we were at the house together, alone with our children.

I had made his favorite "Party Chip" cake, the kind with the frosting with the little candies in it. We couldn't find the candles, so I just stuck a few matches in the cake and told him he could blow those out instead. It took us a couple tries because Krew kept blowing them out as soon as they were lit.

We sing.

Out go the matchstick candles.

"What did you wish for Daddy?"

"This is my wish," he says, grinning at our little crowd.

Mine too.

Love you. Hope we have many more happy years.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Neighbor gifts; So lame I don't even care if you copy...

I love taking treats and goodies and cards to people! I keep my eyes peeled all year for things that spark my imagination! And this year I found so many! Too many...

But the thought of cooking over a hot, steamy stove for an entire day made me want to cry or throw up. These days I can go either way."We wanted to 'POP' in to wish you a Merry Christmas." I know. You get it.

So this is what the aunts, uncles, and cousins are getting: a 2-liter of soda.
I know.
I did add some cute little tags and ribbons to make myself feel better.
I suppose I could also wrap a little box of popcorn to go with... but I think I will be busy that day cleaning marker off the walls. Again! Those little devils...