Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For the birthday boy...

Happy 33rd to Tony!On a rare moment, we were at the house together, alone with our children.

I had made his favorite "Party Chip" cake, the kind with the frosting with the little candies in it. We couldn't find the candles, so I just stuck a few matches in the cake and told him he could blow those out instead. It took us a couple tries because Krew kept blowing them out as soon as they were lit.

We sing.

Out go the matchstick candles.

"What did you wish for Daddy?"

"This is my wish," he says, grinning at our little crowd.

Mine too.

Love you. Hope we have many more happy years.


allyson said...

What a wish! Tears to my eyes.

vvjenks said...

Hope you had a great birthday - sounds like your heart is in the right place!! Treasured words!

The Mollotte Family said...

Seriously -- that was pretty sweet!!