Sunday, November 29, 2009

November is over?!? WHAT??!!??

Did I just blink and lose an entire month? Why yes, yes I did. Thanksgiving was a blast. I am now back up to my delivery weight. Yay.
School is going great and the kids are loving it more all the time. Tony still works like a madman, so it was so nice to have him home for a long weekend. (Is it just me, or is your house always messier when men are around? Hmm.) Krew has officially hit the three month mark. I wish he would slow down in the growing department. At his 2 month check up he was already 15 pounds. I'm sure he's added a few more since then. Little oinker. Luv him.
I, however, seemed to have wandered around in a daze for the last few weeks, dreaming of naps and hot baths. I did sneak in a book, or two: Dreamcatcher and Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox. Steph, Stephanie Meyer, my good pal recommended these on her website. They are bizarre. Skip them. I could barely wrap my head around the ending. Maybe it's the lack of sleep.
I put up our trees for Christmas! Now all I need is some cinnamon rolls and I'll be set!! Anyway, just wanted you to know I am still alive, but just barely. Merry Christmas and Happy Late-Thanksgiving!!