Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dangle that carrot!!

We had our ultrasound yesterday- everything looks healthy and there's still only one ;) I know I was a big talker and said we weren't going to peek, but I have to admit, we know what we're having. The ultrasound tech was doing all her little measurements and showing me all the bits and peices, and said "Well it looks like we've got all her measurements... oh, did you want to know what you're having?" I looked at her and think that she had totally just spilled the beans, so I said "Isn't it a girl." She smiles. Tony, of course, wants to know because I think all the estrogen in the house is a little smothering. Anyway she was teasing me, and went on to show us a few more bits and peices- we're having another boy! We're all thrilled, even though I peeked on my own surprise... Jossy acted like she has known all along and why am I surprised. Gage is excited about his brother and wants to name him Santa. We'll see.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April showers, bring more snow...

Spring please come. Please. Seriously.

Anyway, for fun this April Fool's Day, I thought the kids might enjoy a little silly dinner. We had meatloaf sundays with mashed potatoes and rolls, and brownie roast with ice cream and caramel gravy with candy corn. (I wanted green Jelly Bellies for lima beans, but I didn't have time to go to our local candy shop.) I had fun making it and I think we'll do this again every year, just with different menu ideas.
Sawyer with his "dinner":

Jossy and her "dessert":

Lauren was actually crying in this picture:

My sweet little man. He only ate the roll.
Strangely, the kids didn't love it like I had hoped. Nobody felt very good that night and they all have gotten progressively sicker since then. Maybe next year I'll make sushi out of coconut and green fruit roll ups... and I could totally cut shapes out of sandwiches. If I ever see a fish shaped cookie cutter, I'm grabbing it!

We also gave Jossy's hair a trim. I didn't realize how stringy and uneven it was starting to look. Thankfully, I know someone who is good with hair...


After!! I think it's much improved...

I really think she looks so grown up! And a special thanks to her stylist- Ashley! I had to pay her extra to pose silly afterwards... and please don't be mad I posted this. It really is too cute.

Everyone enjoy Conference this weekend! And read the article in the April Ensign by Guy Hollingsworth. He is the last boss I had before I started working for free. Also, Neil L. Anderson, who is the newest addition to the Quorum of the Twelve, was the sealer at our wedding. I bet he remembers us...