Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breaking Dawn...

I have never in my entire life been excited for a book to come out. Ever.
So tomorrow night I am dragging my sis-in-law Ashley with me to a late night release of Breaking Dawn. I am so excited I might even make a shirt. (I am team Emmett, if anyone is curious. A muscle-bound jokester? So my type and totally my fave!)
Anyone else who wants to come, call me and please do. I am also thinking about kidnapping Jen and making her come, even though she feels silly.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Kids say the darndest things..

So this weekend we went to see Mom and Marcus for her birthday- 39 again! Yay!
Anyway, we had a little shopping to do and she generously offered to take Gage with her so I would only have the girls. She had to go to a furniture store and I was a little worried about Gage and expensive decor, but it turned out okay... She was browsing around the store and he kicks back on this fancy leather chaise, put his hands behind his head and relaxes for a few minutes. She walks back by and he looks at her, face serious, and asks, "So... can I call you Debbie?"
Mom says, "How about just grandma for now?"
"Grandpa calls you Debbie."

Flawless logic. So simple- it is a solution that could only be reached by a child.

About the rest of us- we are all hanging in there. Now that the Parade and the move are over, I have been trying to get the house so it really feels like WE live there. Translation: less fuss, more mess, fewer breakables. Oh, and toys everywhere.
Also, you may have heard there is a housing slump and the economy is down. This has been kind of a hard time for us. I should include something tender and clever how this is a growing time and it will make us better people, but it's still too raw for me to be philisophical just yet. It's rough. The winter was long and hard and things generally get lots better in the summer, but this summer is an exception- it's still hard but now it's just hot. And dry.

We have had two families interested in buying the house since we've moved in, but the deals fell through at the last minute.
I know, how could I want to move again? Umm, I don't, but we live inside our own money tree.

I know lots of you are also having a hard time right now... Everyone who has anything to do with the construction industry feels like things have completely tanked. It's a crappy deal. I don't have answers either.

If no one hears from me for any extended period of time, don't panic. Maybe it just means we've found a buyer and have moved again. Or sold our computer (ha ha)! And that's the end of my novel...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just a few pictures of the Home Show...

Every year we do this, we swear we will never again. Parade of Homes is the most exhausting thing ever (seriously, I think I would rather have a baby. At least I could get some good drugs.)
Still, this year went pretty good and I think the house looked great. I had a little help from my Mom (I went shopping in her house. Thanks a million!) and from a designer who did my front room and office, of which there are no pictures. I'm not sure what happened there. She also brought in some stuff to accessorize my great room. And, she switched my bedding in my Master bedroom. I have to be honest, I liked mine better. Still, we survived and I will be better about keeping everyone updated from now on. I hope.
The pictures got all out of order, but there were lots. Thanks for you patience and lots of love!!

The Laundry room.

The guest room

Girls bath
Gage's room

Lauren's room
Jocelyn's room

Theater room
guest room again? oops.

Master bath

the kitchen and dining rooms
Nursery. Disclaimer: we are not pregnant, but I couldn't have an empty room!
Master bedroom

Great room

Foyer from the balcony
Living room

I also had two other bathrooms and a killer master closet that I will take some pictures of and post later.

I'd love to hear what your favorites are!!