Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breaking Dawn...

I have never in my entire life been excited for a book to come out. Ever.
So tomorrow night I am dragging my sis-in-law Ashley with me to a late night release of Breaking Dawn. I am so excited I might even make a shirt. (I am team Emmett, if anyone is curious. A muscle-bound jokester? So my type and totally my fave!)
Anyone else who wants to come, call me and please do. I am also thinking about kidnapping Jen and making her come, even though she feels silly.



Aaron & Amber Yount said...

That sounds like fun. I need to start reading the first book.

Oh, can you ask Christine or Kameron to send us an invite to their blog??? We can't find their phone number or email addy. Oh, our email is: Thanks!

The Johns Family said...

Please...silly...I think not! I think you're actually quite sane for going to the midnight release. What kind of crazy person WAITS! Let me know when you're done so we can chat about it. Oh...back in South Jordan they did a mock bridal shower for Bella with the ugliest brides maid's dress contect, etc. I wanted to go with my friend Kari, but alas, we are in VA and no one would go with her! The nerve. And some people call themselves fans.

The Johns Family said...

My kids ate cereal ALL DAY! Opened the box of fruit loops and coco puffs and they were set. It was like a fortified sugary meal alternative that let me read my book. Its good for them, it makes them appreciate me more, right! How was it the second time?