Friday, December 16, 2011

Work Party...

Last night we went to Tony's work party, which is actually quite the shindig! We went to this westerny-themed place called the Timbermine, where I had never been before, but my steak was quite tasty. So was the red velvet cheesecake! Yummers.

They did however, use mannequins dressed as festive saloon girls all around as decorations. So bizarre, I should've taken a picture!

Anyway, after our scrumptious dinner they play games and give away awesome prizes! Like iPads and big LCD TVs, Kindles and Nooks, Playstations and Xboxs. Cash! Giftcards! There are over 50 employees, and everyone gets a really nice gift...

Tony wins 2 of the games. Which means he has two different opportunities to CHOOSE a prize or STEAL someone else's. TWO! CHANCES!

So what does he choose?

Out of all those goodies?

Nikon Monarch Binoculars. In Real Tree camouflage. Good grief.

He walked out of that party so pleased I thought he'd bust his buttons.

(And frankly, I was thinking he was an idiot till I googled them this morning and found out they retail for $299.99. Guess the jokes on me, right?)


Lindsay said...

smarty pants tony! miss ya, love ya, we are thinking of coming in Feb.. i will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Ally! Well I'm glad you commented so now I can stock you :) congrats on your soon to be little baby! I love your long hair in the picture on top!