Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dave and Ashley!

Two of my favorite people in the world!
Ten reason I love Ashley:
1- We can be goofy and silly and she passes no judgement, because she is also goofy and silly.
2- She is one hot mama!
3- She has good style. (Even with my personal style challenge, I can appreciate hers)
4- She is a good mom to Kinsey.
5- She introduced me to Twilight books. And her picky eating is endearing.
6- She puts up with all of us, even when it's less than a picnic.
7- She is smart.
8- She has helped continue the Rees line of strong chins.
9- She can razz Markus and no one gets their feelings hurt.
10- She balances Dave perfectly and keeps his OCD and compulsive list-making in check.

Ten reasons I love Dave:
1- He bears the mantle of perfect child so that I don't have to. ;)
2- He looks just like our Dad.
3- Smarty pants. (Genuisy pants doesn't sound right.)
4- A million goofy memories of our childhood.
5- He works really hard at school and his job. Don't worry, he can do it all!
6- He runs like a gazelle. A gazelle being chased by a airplane.
7- He is not afraid to try something new! Like when I cook...
8- He adores his little girl.
9- Who doesn't love a male nurse?
10- He is hands down my all time favorite brother!
I love you guys! May you have many more adventurous and blissful years together!


ashley said...

Ahhhhhhh! Geez, why wouldnt everyone just love us...I have a pokey chin and Dave is OCD! :) Haha! No, seriously, that was really sweet and it made me laugh out loud so it had to be good. You are such a great sister to us both and we are lucky to have you, and that rowdy bunch you hang out with!

Miriam Higginson said...

I was just playing around on Ashley's blog and clicked on your names and it took me to your site (didn't know that would happen!) Happy accident. What a sweet tribute to Ash and Dave. Also, your new house looks beautiful!