Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jack and Joss-o-lanterns!

Tony was hunting all weekend and having the time of his life.

We were at home, wishing he was with us. Sniff. Church by myself is less fun. Ya know?

He tried to make up for it by helping the kids carve their pumpkins. We started right after school, and the sun was out and the air was crisp. It was the perfect autumn day.

The kids drew on their designs and Tony was the official knife-weilder.

What did I get to do?

Scrape the guts!

Luckily, I have been completely desensitized to yuckiness after nearly 8 years (so far!) of diapers.

Krew was sitting there with us, watching me with my arsenal of spoons and scoops, Tony with his knives, and he runs in the house. He comes back out... with a wisk.

Which he used to smack the cat.

The finished art:

A choo-choo train

Ash the Pokemon trainer

and two girly girls! With bows!

(P.S. The cat is fine, and I washed the wisk.)

1 comment:

vvjenks said...

Such creative pieces of art!! So glad to see Tony can follow the cutting directions - and of course, the women do the dirty work!

Beautiful children!!! Love to Gage, Jocelyn, Lauren and Krew