Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now, I am not a professional. But...

I cut Lauren's hair myself.

I was nervous that she was going to end up with a flat-top (me, circa 1983.)

She's constantly putting her hair in her mouth and chewing on it, so I thought if I made it harder for her to do that, maybe she would stop.

This is her at 8:30 in the morning, browsing a toy catalogue, choosing the 200+ items she would like from Santa:
I love this hair cut for her. Too bad she still chews her hair.

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Melissa Sutton said...

Holy Smokes! It looks amazing! ...uh, i tried the same thing out on Emma a couple weeks ago and had the opposite experience! ...not so good :) My sister had to come fix what i did. Lol...congrats on the news of the new baby! I'm so excited for you guys. Hey also, have you discovered pinterest yet? ..you should if you haven't already...super addicting :)