Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yay! I found it!

Maybe my camera is old school or something, but the cord that hooks it to the computer is also the charging station, and it has been missing. That's why the last few posts have no pictures... But now it's back and here's the last six weeks of our life in an essay of photos.

Jossy's first day of preschool; she was a little excited:Tony and Brandon tearing it up in Ririe league basketball. This gym is so tiny and old and a little unsafe, but the kids love to go. (Tony is the shorter one, if there was any question.) They were in the playoffs, but it didn't last super long. Tony asked why I didn't put on some action footage. The answer to that is um, well, there wasn't a whole lot of action. It's mostly guys with mullets and perms shanking it off the backboard. The occassional pulled muscle and flared temper. Oh, Idaho...We got our first pets!! And it's something that won't pee on the couch! I didn't know the kids would be so into this- they watch them all the time and fight over who gets to give them their "toast"- Five little fishies- one for each of us. Gage named his Finn. It's the one that is all orange. Jossy's is the all white one, it's named Angel. Lauren's is one of the spotted ones and it's name is Shish Shish. Gage helped me and Tony name ours: Spot and Mucker. (I can only imagine where he gets it.) On a funny and sadistic side note- the checkout girl at Walmart reminded me that anything bought in their pet department is guaranteed not to die the first three days. Otherwise, I get my 28 cents back. Does consolation for a crying child come with that?
A few weekends ago, Tony took Gage on a special Daddy-Son trip. Tony had tickets to the Jazz game and they were going to spend the night with Dave and Shannon. Gage was way more excited to see Luke and Noah than go to the game, but I think that's normal. Anyway, the game didn't start until 8:30, we had thought it started at 7, so Gage ended up staying with the cousins and Tony went to the game with his high school buddy Neil. A huge thank you goes out to Shannon, who I know did all the work, while Tony gets the credit. Gage had the best time and didn't stop talking about it for days, and I got to do some really fun and special stuff with my girls.

And this picture is totally random. I forgot I had these in our cold storage downstairs. Apparently this is what happens when you leave potatoes in a dark, dry place.


Shannon said...

We enjoyed having Gage. I went out so Dave took care of Gage. I don't think he was any trouble though. We enjoyed having them.

By the way--we have Tony's tshirt, one of Gage's games, and a couple other toys. I'll send them when I get a chance.

Lindsay said...

Thoes potatoes are CRAZY!! I love gages fish name, Finn I think its cute. maybe you should name your baby that. or shish shish. that ones good too.

Landon and Dana said...

scrumptious potatoes. yum. THanks again for letting us stay! You are wonderful and your house is beautiful. Hope to see you again sooner or later!