Tuesday, January 31, 2012

He's still cooking!

Little man is still in there! No medium rare babies here! I only make 'em well done!

I feel like I should be doing about a thousand things today: I'm still battling the laundry, getting the bills paid, February birthday cards ready to send out, get stuff ready for the kids for when I'm gone, prepping taxes, bathrooms, sheets, making sure I have my back issues of House Beautiful and the Pottery Barn catalogue to read at the hospital, so... you know, the usual.
(Why does it seem like you finish the laundry, then night comes and everyone puts on their jim-jams and the basket is full again? It's a little disheartening. Me no likey.)

I have what I hope will be my last OB appointment tomorrow afternoon! Oh, little baby, please stay in there for at least another day. My to-do list is so long... and I have to decide if it would be shameful if I take another bag and bring all the Ballard Designs catalogues too... Probably, right?


The McGary's said...

I said that exact same thing about the laundry just last night to Chad. I work all day to empty those blasted baskets and by the end of the day they are already full!
I am excited to see another cute baby of yours, good luck!

Mendenhalls Unite said...

I'm so glad I checked this because I actually woke up wondering if little man Jenks had made his debute yet!! Let me know when he's here! Can't wait to see him...

Melissa Sutton said...

I'm hoping you wont be in labor long enough for so many catalogs...lol..now having said that, I always pack enough entertainment for a week...just in case! Good luck :) I cant wait to see pics