Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Already need to put a little more effort into #3...

You know how it was New Year's, oh like, 10 days ago?

And how everybody posted cute little resolutions about how their buns aren't perky enough, or how they resolve to squeeze in a weekly date night with the hubby? Adorable and admirable, right?

This version is much grittier, I'm afraid.

Perhaps it's because I have more personal development work to do. (Or perhaps it's because of some fatal flaw in my character that I will not disclose at this time, because it's likely that there may be more than one.)

#1: Birth a healthy baby and assimilate him into our family with minimal tears from either party. (Um, yeah, you can totally put this on a list and it will happen. You sillies!)

#2: Parent my children with INTENTION. Being a mom ON PURPOSE. Putting in an extraordinary effort every day. (This one is actually not going to be policed until about May, just so you know. Because I have some necessary couch-days planned until then.)

#3: Make an effort to end my chronic procrastinating, un-punctual, always late ways. They're sinful. And for heaven's sake, get the laundry under control!

#4: Read the entire Book of Mormon with my kids in ONE YEAR. If we do... we get an ice cream party! And I get a nap.

#5: Take my kids camping in an actual tent in the actual forest. Not in the yard. (Some goals start small, right?)

#6: Be a better record keeper: More journaling, more GOOD pictures, and dare I say it, more blogging and make a book with all our posts. It's kinda like our little family journal...

#7: Write down my delivery weight. Then subtract about 45. Then I'll just try to weigh that...

#8: Send birthday cards to all siblings, neices, nephews, and grandparents. Tony has a sister that does this and my kids look forward to her cards every year, because they know she won't forget. (No pressure, Shannon.) Disclaimer: I am already behind by 2 birthdays. See #3.

#9: Stop dressing my girls in identical clothes. They are old enough now that I think they find it a little embarrassing. But for me it's a process of baby steps. I didn't say they couldn't coordinate...

#10: This one is making a repeat appearance. And now it almost feels like more of a wish: get a place of our own. I am itching to paint something. That's all.

Bring it on 2012!


angie said...

Feel ya on the laundry thing, my blog is basically my only journal and I totally cherish the printed version I make every year, and please...have as many couch potato days as you want!! Great list, can I just copy it?

allyson said...

So clever. Love the way you write.