Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A momentous occasion...

Nah, we didn't have our baby yet. Sorry to make it sound all exciting and then just let you down.

But look at this fancy pic of how our car would have looked when it was new! (I won't torture you with pictures of our actual car, because it is super dirty and half buried in snow.)

So what's the occasion, you wonder? Our car is finally paid for!

We have never had a "paid for" car before, and even though it's getting a little older, it's got barely 100,000 miles on it and is still working great! I think we'll keep her a lil' longer.

I know I'm just being silly, but isn't it true that sometimes just little things can make us happy?

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Ashley and Dave said...

yipeeeeee! Wow! dont you wish your car still looked like that!!! :) bummer. I am super jealous! We want to pay off the honda before we upgrade to an SUV again...well we got a while. My kiddos will be nice and cozy in the back seat for a a bit longer!

oh and too bad you havent had your baby yet and still have to push him out your bumsie. that stinks ;) good luck with that. I am praying he has a teeny tiny little nog.