Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh, it's you again...

I had this lil' dream last night, we'll call it an old friend, because we've met before.

Oh, doesn't everyone have one of those dreams that they have more than once?

A few of the details change, but generally the same story, told to you by your own crazy sleep-brain?

I dreamt that my OB (not my real one, a fake crazy lady one my brain makes up. Think Steve Buschemi with 80's hair) starts my labor with an IV, only to tell me that I CANNOT have any pain medicine. I panic, then rip the needles from my arm and run and hide dramatically till I wake up.

That's it. My nightmare is having to muster the courage to face childbirth without pain meds.

I am such a yellow-bellied dirty dog!

Lucky for me, I don't think labor will be starting for a few more years though. At my appointment on Friday, my good doctor said, "This little guy isn't going anywhere. For awhile." Lie to me man. Tell me I'm close. And that my thighs look super slim and toned.

Then I asked him to make me an induction appointment with the hospital for my due date.

Because even with my apparent cowardice, I still cannot wait to meet my little man!


Hannah said...

I'm with you! My fear is not getting to the hospital fast enough to make sure I get an epidural and it has plenty of time to work!!

Unknown said...

There are no medals for those who go without pain meds so I say you've got every right to tell the dr. exactly how you'd like it!

I have nightmares that I'm pregnant!