Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you everyone who came over to our house for Thanksgiving. We had such a great time and the food wasn't too shabby either.

Jossy told me that the ducks needed Thanksgiving too, so we took the kids to the pond the night before and handed out some old buns and stale bread. They love it, and I love how it feels so fallish.
You lose so much ambience with the flash, but you can't see the hundreds of ducks without it.
Some of them are as big as Lauren. Gage was showing Jossy how to "kick'em" if any of them get too close or too pushy. I love it and I'm so excited for Christmas!!


vvjenks said...

What a fun week-and a fun night at the pond! Is that the pond by your house??

We missed you all at Thanksgiving, but we did have a nice dinner and played a few games.

Keep up the great blog.

Kara said...

How thoughtful to think of the ducks! I bet the ducks loved it:)Glad your turkey turned out so yummy--I knew you could do it!

Angie Byram said...

Hi Allison!

I stumbled across your blog via Rich and Lindsay's. We got your Christmas card today and your family is so cute. We all need to get together again. Girls Night!?! Anyway, Merry Christmas.

Mandy said...

Allison Reese....that is the name I last knew you buy. I don't know if you remember who I am but we used to work together at JUBILEE!! Just wanted to say that your family is gorgeous and hope all is well in your life!

Julie & Trent said...

Thanks for the Christmas card, they are so cute!! I don't think we are going to get some out this year--our family picture isn't too great--and we just sent out birth announcements--Anyway we'll see. I'm glad you had a good thanksgivings. Lots of love!!

The Gibson's said...

your sister left a comment on my blog stating she wanted to be added to my private list but the email she gave me is your email address. do you think you could send hers over to me? Also I got your card and I loved it.

Em and Brad said...

Haha...I love that your little girl wanted THanksgiving for them! That's adorable. I love those pics, Allison! You're very talented.