Friday, November 28, 2008

'Tis the season

YAY!! Christmas cards!! I love cards. I love picking them. Sending them. Getting them. Opening the envelope. I heart Christmas cards!!

I have a few people that made my nice list that I could not locate in the white pages:

Damon and Jacqueline Thayne
Matt and Ashley Wilson
Brian and Kandace Nielsen
Brent and Krissy Lowe
Neil and Johanna Warr
Brandon and Julianne Mackay
Ryan and Lacey Parks
Brittany and Spencer Shelton
Jesse and Cari Woolsey
Ben and Danielle Lane
Keeley and Matt Mendenhall

I know this list is long, but out of 125 cards, this is all I have left! If you want, you can leave any addresses you have as a comment, or email me at

Let the merriment begin!!


Bette Adams said...

Are you seriously already addressing your Christmas cards? I usually like to wait until December 20th-ish to get on that. Will you come help me get mine out?

By the way, I still owe you money for the fabric you bought me in I.F. I really haven't forgotten - I just don't think about it when I see you.

Bette Adams said...

BTW, this is Jody - I'm at my mother-in-law's house.

Candace & Brian said...

That's awesome you are that far ahead. We definitely want one so our address is:
PO Box 1311
Vernal, Ut 84078

THE PARKS: said...

Hey Al, Here is our new address. We moved into our new condo just over a month ago. Address:
18052 Becket Dr.
Parker, CO 80134

Love ya,