Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight film

I dragged Tony with me to the movies on Friday night, much to his dismay. We were about a half an hour early and were totally at the end of the line. Second row from the front- talk about a neck cramp! Anyway, the movie was a little disappointing. I know the book is always better than the movie, but I was laughing really hard at parts that I don't think were meant to be funny! Bella was kindof dull. Charlie was funny. The pink cotton candy helped save the night!

I'll probably go again next week over Thanksgiving with my mom and sister/in-law. Maybe it will be better from a little further back...

I want to know what you guys thought!!


Julianne said...

Tell Tony he is not alone. I made Brandon go with me last night. I think I already had low expectations for the movie, so I wasn't that disappointed...but yes, there was definitely some bad acting! The hard part is not to let the movie characters invade the perfect ones in your head.

The McGary's said...

I agree I was disappointed as well. Now I hate having the distorted images in my head of what I think the characters should look like, especially Edward! By the way you are gorgeous, I love your long hair.