Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sorry Ally B., I have not been ignoring you. Thanks for the tag!! It is a rare post when I talk about me... and not my kids!
Six silly things about me:

1- I am totally the kind of person who can go to bed with the sink full of dishes. Overflowing even. Mr. Spoon and all his buddies will wait for me. (Tony insists that whenever he leaves dishes in the sink, the dish fairy comes and takes care of them. Do I break his little heart and tell him?)

2- I watch shows on TLC like "John and Kate plus 8" and the family with like 17 kids, and I want to be just like them. Then I roll over and go to sleep, deciding that's probably not such a good idea.

3- I read National Geographic every month. Just like my dad!

4- I am a chronic furniture rearranger. I move things around every few weeks. I can't help myself.

5- I think that if you wear earrings and cute shoes, that makes any outfit look like you tried. White T and Jeans? Danglies and red heels- it works every time!

6- I ADORE autumn. The smells; wet leaves, wood burning stoves, cinnamon-spiced foods, hot cocoa. And layers and jackets, pumpkins, BOOTS, the colors in the trees, football (real, NOT on TV). That strange combo when the sun is bright and the sky is blue and the air is frigid! Who knew?



ashley said...

geez, you are weird. Ok, not really. at all.

I already did this tag last month, so for the sake of everyone that reads my boring blog life I am not doing it again :) but you are welcome to go back and read of my weirdness!

So, here is the awesome photographer that I was telling you about! She uses a lot of colors and patterns (I always thought you were not supposed to have patterns in photos, but she uses a lot and they look BEAUTIFUL!) Check it out. You and jen should make pictures like these so that I dont have to sell Dave's right leg. Thanks.

The McGary's said...

you wierdo!:) I would love to follow up with doing this tag but I did one similar a little bit ago and I divulged way to many crazy things about me already so I am not so sure about doing it again. Thanks for thinking of me though, did you pick people that you thought might be more crazy than you:)?

Bateman Family said...

Thanks for responding to the tag. It's kind of like a chain letter - kind of annoying to most after awhile but when you first do it, it's fun.

Happy Thanksgiving!