Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You big Sicko!

Yup. We've all been sick. It started with Gage, then me, then Lauren and Jossy, Krew... But thank heavens Boone is still okay! And Tony, but he rarely gets sick. We're on the mend, but it's been a busy week with the trip to the pediatrician and pharmacy and tissues and all.
Momentary gripe:
The first morning Gage was not feeling well, I called the doctor and the only appointment was in an hour! I told her we might be a little late but we'd try. It takes me between 30 and 45 minutes to get to their office, and we were all still in jammies. I hurried getting everyone but Joss, who was at school, dressed and in the car. I think I had my bra on over my clothes, it was so frantic! And OF COURSE they are transporting a giant loader through the tiny canyon and it slows us down considerably.
We were 15 minutes late.
So they wouldn't see him.
He was barking like a seal and his lungs were noticably tugging for air in their waiting room. Boone was screaming in his carrier. I looked like a corpse somebody yanked off the slab and microwaved in an attempt to appear more life like. We had tried so hard to get there! I almost cried I was so upset.
So then I paid more money and took him to the Urgent Care.
I am seriously considering changing doctors, but am undecided. I love this pediatrician, but was it her decision or the secretary's to send us away? I dunno.

Otherwise, things are back to normal! I still have my fingers crossed Boone will stay healthy; I worry he'd take it hard cuz he's still so little. I will post something more interested soon. Hopefully!


angie said...

That is ridiculous!!! We once had a Dr. that would only let you be seen for ONE illness per visit. If you had a cough, and also wanted him to look at that cut on your leg, NO WAY! You would have to make another appointment. We ONCE HAD the Dr., no more. But refusing to see you for being a few minutes late....I would have slapped that secretary. Slapped her good.

Ashley and Dave said...

I bet you were nice about it, wernt you!! Alli- you have to get MEAN!!! If you were to get mean with her I bet she would have worked something out! (or if you would have cried--should have let those tears spill...sometimes they work wonders!) I would have been PISSED.

vvjenks said...

Wouldn't it be great to deny the doctor access to see your precious children - I wonder how sick one would need to be in order to be seen and be a few minutes late??

Tara said...

Honestly, I would be very tempted to switch pediatricians. Well child visits are one thing and I could see them wanting you to reschedule that, but that is crazy that they wouldn't let your son be seen when he was obviously very sick. It frustrates me when I think of the hours I have spent in the doctor's office waiting for a doctor ... and we don't get any discounts when they are late!