Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Irish Twins...

This was a post I was going to try to do for St. Pat's, but since we were trying our hardest to survive in the clutches of sickiness, it's not getting posted till now.

Sorry 'bout that.

Gage and Jocelyn are my "Irish Twins." Meaning that two children were born 12 months, or less, apart. Jocelyn's due date was Gage's first birthday. She was five days late, which makes it sound much less dramatic, but still, it's about as Irish as we get around here.

The term started as a joke; poking fun at the Irish Catholics who strongly oppose birth control of any kind. Apparently they have lots of families with children born in rapid succession.

Doesn't the moss make them look EXTRA Irish? Like most kids, they love that the term "twin" applies to them in any way...

I sure do love these two. And even though now they seem to endlessly fight and quarrel, I hope someday they will realize the incredible friend they have in one another.

And I also wanted to welcome spring to my little happy valley. Thanks heaven it's here!

Not that winter was super-harsh this year, I just am over everything being cold and gray.
Bring on the tulips!

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