Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Oreo Diet

You know how after you have a baby, there are some certain areas that are a little more squishy, a little softer than they were when you were, say, seventeen.
Or when you were not pregnant, even.

And nobody loves this.
Me included.
So I have been TRYING to eat wisely, even exercise when I feel like I'm completely awake (which is rare).
But I weighed myself this morning, and wouldn't you know... I haven't lost a single pound! DANGIT!
But then I think back to what I ate yesterday...
Healthy breakfast.
Small lunch.
Sensible dinner.
And a stack of Oreos because !dagnabbit! I was still hungry.
Oh, and a snickerdoodle.

Atkins didn't work for some folks.

Apparently the Oreo diet doesn't work for me.

Better luck today, maybe?

I think it will be easier, because now the cookies are pretty much gone.


The Mollotte Family said...

I so relate!!! When I used to keep a "food journal" (forever ago -- don't worry) thats pretty much what it looked like. :)

The McGary's said...

So you're telling me I need to quit eating oreos at night and I might actually have to work out to get rid of my jiggly buns? Dang I might have to think about this one.

Ashley and Dave said...

Um. So I miss you. like a lot. You make me giggle.