Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's in a name? Love, William Shakespeare


Little baby Boone bear.

I love your name. Your dad loves your name. Other folks, well some of them... not so much.

Who knew your name would elicit such strong reactions from people?

I guess you gotta love it, or HATE it.

Hopefully your own reaction is the former.

And it's also funny how some people think it will be awesome if they tell me how much they wish I would have chosen you a different name.


I didn't name him Hitler.

Or Lucifer, which is illegal in some countries.

Or some made-up name with a silent 5.

But it doesn't matter...

Because I am convinced your adorableness will win them all over! Once they find out how scrumptious you are, they will not be able to resist the thought that, indeed, Boone is the most charming name. And how clever we were to choose it for you.


Melissa Sutton said...

I love his name! ...all of your kids names for that matter..very original :) we got the same thing when we named Ezra...even had someone tell me that it was a discusting name because they knew a child molester by the same name...hello! I know a prophet by the very same name! cant please everyone right? That's when you just kindly inform them that they are fortunate enough to get to name their own kids ..not yours! :) he"s super adorable and I think his sweet little name fits him :)

The Mollotte Family said...

I think it's totally adorable!! And for some reason I envision a very Tony-ish little boy. Tony could have been named Boone I think. You should tell people when they're willing to carry the child for 9 months, they get to name them. Until then, too bad, so sad! :)

Ashley and Dave said...

I Love You sweet Boone Bear. But please will you just sleep through the night for your Maybe one little night??

Mendenhalls Unite said...

I say it's not their baby! Plus, I always take it as a good sign if I haven't worked with a kid by that name. And I haven' for what it's worth, you won me over! (It also helps that he's adorable!)

Crystal said...

Oh Baby Boone is so precious! I Who cares what anybody else thinks... it's adorable! Congrats!