Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our real life Polly Pocket

I guess Lauren is going to take after Tony's sister Shannon- she is a petite little bug!

She had her 18 month check-up today and was given the thumbs up for health. There were no residual effects of her RSV infection and she is back to her usual self. In the pic we were waiting for the doctor and she was modeling my sunglasses- as a belt.

Here's how she measured up:

Length is 29 inches (bottom 3%) Little Shortcake!

Weight 21 lbs (bottom 5%) No complaints here, she's easy to carry when she lets me!

Head Circumference 18" (18%) Hats still don't fit

Fantastic things come in tiny packages! We love our Lauren!


Jody said...

She's just so cute and little!! It's amazing how much personality comes from such a little thing!

Trenton & Maren said...

Hi there! Just found your blog. It's fun to see your 3 little cuties. And you and Tony, of course. Looks like an awesome home you're building. Glad that Lauren is doing well. Chat later

Bybee Family said...

Our little Addyson is in that same % on height and weight. But her head is in like the 60%. Poor girl has to carry that big head around. Love all the pictures of the kids and the house.