Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everyone kept all their fingers...

So on the new house I requested that one of the windows have this sassy little copper roof- Tony had never done one before so he said we could give it a whirl. He and a helper made the frame and then had a metal worker in IF cover it with copper sheeting. It looks great and I'm always going to admire that Tony can figure stuff like that out. I just think it looks nice.

Anyway, the funny part about it is that we weren't really sure about the whole hanging bit.

We got the boom truck from the truss plant and kinda tied it to the hook and up it went. It actually went really smoothly- no cuts, no broken windows, no crushed bones. I am totally relieved because I thought this was going to go badly for sure!

Somehow, it looked a lot more giant and daunting when it was sitting on the trailer. Note the cozy weather and smiling faces. Ha Ha.

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Candace & Brian said...

Alli how fun to hear from you! Brian and I actually talk about you guys often wondering how you are doing and how everything is going. Things are going well in Vernal.
I'm teaching 3rd grade (my third year) and Brian is busy as every building. We are expecting a baby in August and we are SO excited!!!
Your home looks absolutely beautiful. We just moved into our new home in January and we are loving it. There are so many things we would have LOVED to do-it just all costs money.
I will definately check on you periodically. Your kids look adorable. Thanks for saying hi!