Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to Normal?

Normal is a relative term-

Lauren is doing lots better! She has been running and climbing like a healthy little monkey but she does have one more checkup tomorrow. In the picture, she was trying to get away from me (I had her pants and a hairbow) so she climbed as high and as fast as she could. She didn't get too far but it's still impressive for a little girl her size.

Also, they finally started hanging sheetrock in our house yesterday! I know it doesn't look like much, but it makes the house feel so much more finished after they're done. Then there's only the trim, doors, priming, paint, flooring, railings, finish plumbing, light fixtures, cabinetry left to do. Almost there, ha ha! Pictures are of the theater room and Tony extolling the virtues of building a house in winter. Isn't he a handsome young man? I think so too.


bjwood7 said...

Nice pictures! It's good to see your family and to see that everyone is doing well.
Feel free to blog anytime and check out the wood blog!
Take care and soon some time.
The Wood Family
Brandon, Veronica, Michael and soon to be Baby Wood.

The Lowes said...

Hey Jenks Family,

Looks like Brandon beat me to the punch. Saw your link from Brent and Krissy's Blog. Good to see you are doing good. Maybe we will see ya up in Idaho when Brent invites us up (if that will ever happen).

See ya later,
The Lowe Family,
Marcus, Kara, Grace, and Matthew

The Lowes said...

I foregot to give your our blog,