Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In all fairness, it is her turn.

Lauren has RSV for the first time. Gage has had it twice, Jocelyn once. I gotta stop letting them lick the floor at Walmart!! (I'm kidding)

Poor little thing feels so cruddy- I got her a bottle of strawberry lemonade, which is her favorite, and all she could do was look down at it thinking about how she was going to get it in her mouth without moving. She's going to make it though- as long as she has her softie she'll be fine. And some Tylenol, and her breathing machine, and her antibiotics, and her Daddy, and her bottle . . .
I'm sure she'll be running around like a crazy lady again by Thursday!


The Johns Family said...

Shoot, I hate sick kids! (except that they are finally quiet and still) Hope she is better soon.

Ashley said...

haha- not that lauren is sick (love you lauren) but that your kids probably have licked the floor at walmart one time or another. dont cha think?