Monday, November 28, 2011

Eight is Great!!

Look at my grown-up little man!! When, oh when, did he get so big? He and Jossy had lovely little birthdays, where we just invited a few friends and took them to a skating/bouncing/arcade/germ fest type of place... which they ALL loved! I loved that there was zero clean-up, minimal prep, and similar costs to doing a home party.

The big event was Gage's baptism! (We had it the Saturday after Thanksgiving since all the fam was going to be more available-ish.)
Somehow, I ended up not taking a single photo. Tragic, I know! My mom and sis took a few, so I will have to beg copies from them, but that morning was madness and whilst trying to deal with all hullabaloo: had to fill the font ourselves, so Tony goes early and Ta-Da! the font is still full with freezing, buggy water from the last baptism. Let's just say Uncle Brandon saved the day with some sport shorts and some mad swimming skillz. Bishopric member was late, and couldn't get the closet with the baptismal clothing to open, Krew has diarrhea during welcome. No wipes.
You know how it goes.
We got started a little late, but the service ended up being so special. I felt such an overwhelming joy that this was happening for our son, that Tony could be the one performing the ordinances and that we could all be there together for my big little boy! I will remember it always.
Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a special day for Gage! You're the best!

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