Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Delightfully above freezing...

Too bad it's snowing here this morning!

Last night was perfect though- the air temp never dipped below 55! We were done before the sun went down, of course, but that is fine by me. Here's a few pics of the kiddos in their costumes before school: Jocelyn is Rosetta (Tinkerbell's friend) and Gage is Ash, the Pokemon Trainer. (I tried for WEEKS to talk him out of this one. But, alas. Pokemon won.)

Silvermist, Tink's other friend.
(I was a pumkin. I'm sure you can only imagine how lovely that was. And you'll have to since there are no pics.)
I got to help with Jocelyn and Gage's class parties, which was tiring but I'm glad I could be there. Krew helped too. LOTS. ;) Lauren's preschool only did a treat. Grinches.

A really awesome group shot. Krew was a dinosaur. Wouldn't wear the hat (shocker) but LOVED the tail! He kept looking behind him as we walked to make sure it was still there!
He really had the concept this year: "Cheets!" and he then would delicately choose one piece of candy and then say his lil' "Deet doot!" which I think is thank you. Melts my heart.

So does this:
I have another appointment tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to seeing him!


allyson said...

ALL of them are so cute! Amazing how clear the ultra sound is.

vvjenks said...

Great looking Halloween costumes!! Sorry we couldn't be there to see in person -
Isn't technology amazing?? We already know what he looks like--as soon as we figure out what his name is - we'll be set!

Loved it all