Thursday, February 24, 2011

Curly Krew turns 18!

My little big boy is 18 months old today. His personality is in full swing and he is such a joy to me and everyone else in the fam. He weighs in at almost 30 lbs., so I have one strong arm and one flabby arm. And he gives the BEST kisses. Check out this pucker!It will only be another 6 months or so till he passes Lauren in the weight department. She weighs 35 pounds. I gotta say, Krew still only has four teeth, two top, two bottom, and two more tops on the way. It takes a ton of work to maintain a physique like his with four teeth. He is constantly pulling on my leg and pointing to the cupboard or the fridge.
He LUURRVVSS to take a warm bath in the morning to wash off the night's peed diaper smell. On this day, he wouldn't even wait for me to undress him. You can't see it, but there's about 4 inches of water in that tub. Do you know what happens when an overnight, peed diaper is soaked in warm water. Nothing good. That's what.

He says three words:

Uh Oh.

I will leave it to your imaginations to decide what his experiences with our family have been like.

He has also decided that he is too old for naps. Lauren and Jossy stopped taking naps about this age too. I'm so sad, because I love his naps. They are the only time when I can do anything that requires cleaning products, sharp things, or pens. Boo.
Or do important things like blog or shop online for things I'm not going to actually buy.
So, here's a happy one and a half to the one and only Krew-B1-Kanoobi, the Scooby Krew. I love you.


Ashley and Dave said...

Love shopping for things online that I wont actually buy! :)

Happy Nursery Krew..or should I say Happy Nursery Alli!

Candace and Brian said...

How cute is he! All your kids are adorable.

Lindsay said...

Oh ali I miss you so! Krew is so cute I wish I could hug him.

Allyson said...

I can smell the pee from here! Although we still have a few bed wetters around here (and it's not me). Maybe a diaper is a good idea.

Miss you!

vvjenks said...

How thoughtful for you to post 18 months old!! It didn't even dawn on me that he could be that old.

Only 4 more years and you can take a nap while he is in kindergarten!!

Krew - Happy 18 months - Love those lips and big kisses!!