Wednesday, March 2, 2011

T.M.I. (But we're all grown ups here, right?)

Remember all those cute little New Year's resolutions I posted? You do? Oh good, cuz I have actually been working on them! I knew you were wondering how that was all going... Sorry to have made you wait so long to find out...

I have been the non-snacking PRO for two months. I have made nutritious meals for my family and my parents (while catering to my mom's strange "allergy" to spices) almost every night and I no longer allow myself treats after dinner. I haven't drank soda in two months; only milk, juice, and water. Not that I was a big soda drinker before, but still... I have served salad with dinner 4 times a week, and often eat it for lunch.

3 pounds. In eight weeks. Boo.
That's the kind of weight I could gain back in one night with a good hearty Taggart's binge.

So this is what that number means to me: it means I have become a woman of a certain age. That certain age being the one where I have to get off my honey-bunners and work out! Be the woman sweating profusely with a face the color of an under-ripe plum while pushing a jog stroller and trailing children of various ages on their bikes behind her. The people who drive past, thinking "Should I stop and help her? She looks like she's not gonna make it..." or "That's a lot of kids. Oh look, there's another one crashed in the sage brush over there..."

All of this to be less embarrassed at the mommy-and-me swim class!

And to feel fit and strong, but mostly the swim thing.

So here's to the next 3 pounds; may you please not take me another 8 weeks to be rid of you. Cheers.


Julianne said...

You are funny! Don't worry, losing the weight this time has seemed impossible for me too! I am still 25 pounds prepregnancy. Sometimes it is so hard to keep up the motivation!

The Mollotte Family said...

You are definitely more diligent than me. I just ate 4 pumpkin squares for lunch. Whoops. :) You look pretty fantastic. I certainly wouldn't stress over it too much. :)

Kara said...

You are beautiful inside AND out!!

Candace and Brian said...

Your humor kills me. I love it!!! I was thinking what Ashley was...if you're worried when we all need to worry! For your goal sake though good luck on the next 3!!

vvjenks said...

You should make a living writing!!! I want to be more like you - I lose pounds at the same rate--. You are growing magnificent children who will end up with your writing ability and Tony's perserverance.

Allyson said...

What does T.M.I mean? I live in a barn.

I'm sure you look fabulous!