Thursday, October 21, 2010

No, no. He's a boy. That's why he's in blue.

We were having a case of serious girly hair. But it honestly made my heart ache to cut it. I keep thinking he might be my last baby, and I want him to stay little as long as possible. Plus, when I would touch the back of his head it felt like a little lamby-bum! In this picture I had just combed it out- it is so curly, I didn't really know where to start. I thought if it was a little straighter it would be easier, but this is as straight as it gets.
Got the back all trimmed.I took off over an inch all over his head.
And he knows that he is one handsome little devil.
Please note his hilarious Goofy teeth. It has taken him 14 months to get them! He has one on the bottom and two HUGE teeth coming in on the top! They are almost the same size as my teeth. Gage had the same thing. He did grow into them so they don't look so strange now. I'm assuming the same thing will happen to Krew.


Durrant said...

Oh I feel ya... it was so hard to cut my Crew's too. I love boys with curls!!! He looks so cute with his new hair cut! I can't believe he held still for you to cut it!

The McGary's said...

He is so cute, I love those curls! I hear ya on the teeth, Brayden is almost 12 months and only has his 2 bottom teeth and I am starting to see his two top teeth coming in and they are HUGE and FAR apart. Some how they are still cute little stinkers (I would never be able to pull off that look):)

vvjenks said...

Hair just like his daddy used to have - looks a little like his daddy used to look -- minus the brown eyes. Too Cute!!!

BRANDON said...

Good Stuff Alli. We sure miss you guys.