Friday, October 22, 2010

For all you crafty crafters out there...

So there's this adorable little website I must tell you about:

Cutest stuff you ever saw! And I know the gal who is the boss at said website, and somehow that makes me feel just a little bit famous!

I want to buy this whole collection and do a girl's playroom. Which is too bad, since I do not have a playroom for either gender. Here's to hoping!

Side note: Just read a series called "Ember" by Jean DePrau (sp?). I would give them a 7.9- again something geared toward teens, so of course I read it. Her books are not written in chronological order, which I thought was a little confusing. Their order was: 2, 3, 1, 4. Maybe just read "Prophet of Yonwood" either first or last. Not third. There is also a movie of "Ember" which much to producer Tom Hanks' chagrin is admittedly poo.


Kara said...

I wish I was a crafty crafter! Cute fabric!

Lindsay said...

I'm goin to read that book! Ps I bought fifty dollars worth of fabric at angies the other day