Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I have pumpkin skids on my hand!" -Jocelyn

Isn't this a cute picture of the kids with their jack-o-lanterns? Oh, you can't see them? They're standing right behind their pumpkins... Gage did two-face. Very clever.
The Jossy-lantern!
I came up with that all my own.
You can't see it, but it has a bow and lovely hair.

And Lauren's needs a better candle.
Joss thought Tony's interpretation of pumpkin hair was sub-par. "It just looks like grandpa Jenks."
Many a pumpkin has been carved in this kitchen.

And I'm starting the Ouch-of-the-Month club. Lauren is president.
Look how nicely her golf club hole is healing!

Which is good, 'cause now she has room for a goose egg. You can't really tell, but she also has a black eye. Goose egg is from jumping off Gage's bed onto the trundle. She missed. Black eye is from trying to balance on the headboard and falling, smashing her cheek on the desk.
I moved her upstairs to David's old room. There is no furniture. Just a mattress. Hopefully there she will be safe(ish).


Young Family said...

Great pumpkins!
I think you need to tie that little girl down.. I can't believe all the bumps and bruises she has had!
Hope all is well

*~McGarys~* said...

Oh that little girl and her poor sweet little face. I laugh every time you post something even though I know that it is a sick feeling in your stomach when it happens.

Lacey said...

Why are some kids just that way? I swear, Lauren and Conner are never to hang out. At least she is a doll even with all the holes and goose eggs on her face. I feel the most sorry for you, all the looks and questions you get when you child has repeative injuries on there face.

Candace and Brian said...

That poor girl. Yet she always looks beautiful no matter what and has a smile. It's quite humorous. Love the pumpkins!

Ashley and Dave said...

Stop lying. Everyone knows you beat them kids of yers.
Kins wants Jocy and Lauren to come visit tomorrow. K. Thanks.

The McGary's said...

Man she is adventurous! She wears bumps and bruises with style though.

Kara said...

I hope that room is padded! Yikes! Fun pumpkins! Almost makes me want to go out and buy some for us to carve--almost.